test automation
& offsourcing

We are the first international professional team in Slovakia that will reduce your IT firm’s costs to a minimum.

test automation
& offsourcing


Our story

TEST-LAB.SK combines the concept of the first international and unique professional test automation offsourcing in Slovakia.

15 years of experience

We have been working in the IT field for 15 years and have completed dozens of successful projects, international events, and important milestones.

Automation & Offsourcing

Our vision is to bring professional test automation offsourcing on the market, offer our know-how, and set up an individual testing process for each client in the professional IT sector.

Professional testing

We are composed of a professional testing team. Although 99% of testers today do not come from the IT sector, our strength is the fact that only professional testers and experienced developers with a professional career work in our team.

Advantages of offsourcing

Why is offsourcing unique?

TEST-LAB.SK provides a smooth transition from manual testing to professional and modern automated testing.
Thanks to offsourcing, we transfer jobs and processes to the international level. We transfer not only management and experience, but also trade secrets, technology, brand rights, know-how, or marketing strategies.
Its advantage is that it saves a considerable amount of money and increases the efficiency of work on IT projects. We know from experience that companies using professional offsourcing utilize the employees' potential and skills exactly where they move their activities and resources.

The offsourcing process with us

The whole process is executed in together with typescript/javascript.

1. Current State Audit

We will prepare an audit of the current state of testing processes and suggest changes to the administration and structure of automated testing. Our team will create a complex process structure so that it not only looks good but also makes sense from a project point of view.

2. Tests architecture creation

After the audit, the design of the automated testing architecture and the addition of tests are presented. Then, the tests are integrated in CI/CD. After each change of the source code, functional and integration tests are performed and a whole set of tests is performed before the actual release.

3. Tests evaluation

The next step is the evaluation of the tests in intelligible statistics. We make sure that the entire deployment process is fully automated and that the test coverage reaches 100%.

4. Increasing efficiency

An important factor of efficiency is feedback, and the analysis of what can be improved and made more effective in future projects plays an important role here. It also involves manual testers' training on scripting and maintaining automated tests

Want to go about it?

We will advise you on how to do it!

Projects we worked on

We work on international test automation offsourcing projects for top companies around the world.

We set up the entire CI/CD, which optimized development costs and at the same time shortened the release time to a few minutes compared to one week. Now, everything is automated from the development to the release.

We shifted from manual product testing to fully automated testing. Each ticket passes automated testing.

This project is a nice example of how repeated manual testing can be turned into fully automated one. At the same time, we trained manual testers and prepared a new, more meaningful setup for the entire development.

We created 3 frameworks for cloud applications testing (SAP Business One Cloud). One was for health-checks, the other for automated testing of the tenant handed over to the client, and the third one for testing the orchestration of the entire cloud at the lowest application level.

We created a framework for automated testing of MS applications. We provided everything from saving test cases to evaluating night runs.

We have implemented a deployment process and a process for testing key functionalities. Automatic testing revealed implementation errors and the rapid release of new green systems into production.


We use a modern testing tool for automated testing, which is used worldwide.

We use the largest programming language for developing large projects.

We work with automated software that helps automate the parts of software development related to the creation, testing, and deployment. It facilitates continuous integration and delivery.


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